Just a general warning: those buttons that open/close/lock the door in an accessible toilet are at a wheelchair-friendly height, which makes them just about right for a toddler!

I was using the accessible toilet at a local shopping centre (one with really good facilities), and I was on the throne, with my pants down around my ankles, when I noticed that the door was opening, and I could see down the service corridor to the shops at the end!

Man, I may be 8+ months preggers, but I moved as fast as Cathy Freeman — I hopped up (undies still down), hobbled behind the opening door and pushed against it. It was one of those power-assisted doors that robotically knew it was opening — and it was very hard to persuade it to close. I couldn’t pull my pants up at the same time, and there was very little space with my big belly, but somehow, I managed to squeeze behind the door.

Meanwhile, I was yelling at Brioni to “stay away from the buttons, stay away from the buttons!” Aïcha was saying, “Look, Mummy, the door’s opening… why?” and I was still trying to push the door closed.

Once I got the door closed, I still had to hobble over to the far wall to press the “lock” button and seal the toilet. I was petrified that someone may actually come in before the door locked (as there’s a bit of delay after the door closes before the lock can be activated).

Whew. Watch your kids with those things. There’s a little red light that comes on when the door locks, and it’s a toddler-magnet!

Thankfully, I could finish my business without further incident, but I didn’t take my eye off those buttons, and I’ll be watching carefully in future!