Ring & diamond
This goes with that.

I lost the stone from my engagement ring late in December while doing a big fridge clean-up. I was sure the diamond had gone down the drain or later been vacuumed up (yes, I have been known to push a vacuum cleaner around occasionally). It was sad, and we agreed not to replace it, but whenever David holds my hand, he plays with my ring, and we both noticed the absence.

Yesterday, when moving the rest of Brioni’s stuff into the room she now shares with Aïcha, I found a brilliant-cut stone on the shelf above the nappy-change table. I looked at it, wondered mildly where it came from, and placed it into a little box with some other baby jewellery. I thought it was a rhinestone from some costume jewellery or hair-clip.

Today, something made me think about the stone again, and I brought out my empty-clawed ring. Perfect match!

I had already moved past the loss, so finding the diamond again was a real surprise. This good news will keep me riding high for while!