Brioni, 18 months old, February 2008
Brioni loves to climb in and out of the pram. Unfortunately, her sister tends to strap her in, so sometimes she ends up being stuck until I hear her cries for help.

Dear Brioni remains my very special treasure. She is so openly affectionate; we are constantly drawn into cuddles and kisses.

At 18 months, Brioni has an astonishing (for us) vocabulary, even stringing together sentences like “I want that one.” She does still use some sign language, but mostly just for animals. She communicates very clearly with Aïcha and is learning to wait patiently for her turn when Aïcha says “just a moment.”

With a big sister to adore and copy, Brioni has very quickly picked up habits (good and bad) that are above her age-level. She’s out of day-nappies, plays through her afternoon siesta-time, reads books like a pro and imaginatively interacts with her baby-doll.

Brioni can climb in and out of her carseat and eating chair (which saves me having to pick her up) and has eschewed the potty in favour of the toilet with a training seat & stool. She will eagerly take things down to the shed and often wanders down by herself, hanging on the gate and calling for Daddy.

She calls every colour “yellow” and loves to pat the dog and cat. Brioni calls tigers and lions “cats” and will find ducks and dogs in almost any book. She still loves to play with balls and pretend dummies and is happy to now be sharing a room with Aïcha (having moved very easily into a toddler bed).

Aïcha and Brioni play together so well. At mealtimes they start each other giggling and just sit at the table laughing at each other.

I love this age. Brioni is eager to please and happy to obey. She doesn’t understand about the new baby’s impending arrival, but as long as Aïcha is around, she’s entertained and content.

Lauren & B soon after Brioni's birth, 25 August 2006
Soon after Brioni's arrival in August 2006. I enjoyed an easy labour and felt really good after giving birth.