Some friends of ours upgraded their old trampoline to a huge model more akin to a helicopter landing pad. Generously, they offered their old trampoline to us, and we didn’t say no!

Jumping on the trampoline, September 2010
We've placed the trampoline very close to the house and in the shade of some trees so it will be lovely and cool even on hot afternoons.

Since we set it up, the girls have been outside jumping on it almost non-stop. I can see real value in a trampoline (now that we have one) — it lures the kids outside and exhausts them while keeping them happy.

Jumping on the trampoline, September 2010
The girls rapidly learned how to jump together so everyone was enjoying the movement. Aisha holds Calista's hands so she doesn't get distressed at the movements.

Three girls lying on the trampoline, September 2010
The girls are just loving the trampoline. Thank you so much for your generosity, Anthony and Debbie!

In the video above, the girls only stop jumping to come and investigate the monkey-faced spider (green jumping spider) which is a real beauty.

Unidentified spider
It's easy to see why we call this the monkey spider. It was very difficult to photograph as it jumps around to avoid the camera.