Today was quite a promising day, for a number of reasons.

Aïcha’s swimming went exceptionally well. I have re-enrolled Aïcha into swimming lessons, but this time she is in the pool with the teacher, and I sit beside the pool with Brioni. Aïcha cooperated so well, obeying quickly and making a good effort. I was brimming with pride and feel very optimistic about continuing the lessons.

Brioni’s talking astounds me. Brioni’s vocabulary is continuing to grow, with her saying two- and three-word sentences (“Go away, Misty”). She also used the pronoun “me” for the first time today.

The girls played so well together today. They venture everywhere on our property together and manage to find things to do (without being too mischievous). I am finding that they rarely need entertaining — just regular feeds and naps. So easy!

Brioni, 17 months, & Aïcha, 3yo, February 2008
While I was cooking dinner, tonight's game was a familiar one with a twist. Brioni was the patient, and the animals and figurines each took turns being the doctor. Here, Aïcha holds up a little pig (with sucklings attached) to look into Brioni's mouth. Both girls have their mouths open, saying "Aaaahhhh". Very imaginative.

I visited another mothers’ group today. The common bond is that these mothers are all interested in homeschooling. Some have started schooling their children, and others have pre-school age kids (like me) who want their children to develop friendships that normalise non-conventional-schooling options. Some are Christian, and some aren’t, but all were friendly. There were plenty of pre-school age boys around (exactly what my girls need), and the mothers were welcoming and chatty. Very promising.

Passionfruit harvest, February 2008
Do you need some passionfruit? We have so many, in various stages of ripeness. Any ideas for recipes that need *a lot* of passionfruit?

With all this rain, the garden is thriving, and someone has offered me two more chooks. Wonderful.