It’s a dream come true for me! My vegie-patch/chook-run is now complete with the addition of the pretty Poulet Chalet!

I’ve placed the house outside the run where we can collect the eggs without opening the gate.

My ladies are becoming more adventurous and are in a good routine of scratching around the yard as soon as it becomes light. They’re also putting themselves to bed now. For several days I had to catch them and herd them into their temporary sleeping box.

The Poulet Chalet, February 2008
Finally completed, here is the hen house. I modified a dog kennel by adding a nesting box to the side that allows eggs to be collected without opening up the house or going into the chook pen.

The Poulet Chalet, February 2008
The chooks were eager to move in and check out their new premises. I've mounted a wooden broomstick halfway up the walls to allow the chooks to roost. The wire floor means that the droppings should fall down to the ground underneath so we can scrape them up and use them on the garden.

The Poulet Chalet, February 2008
The chook house in position against the wire fence, and the nesting box is open. (Notice Misty the dog carefully watching the chooks through the fence. This is why my chooks don't free-range.)

I’ll remove the old box from their yard so they settle into their new home properly, and then it’ll just be a wait for my ladies to start producing eggs!