On our children’s birthdays, I interview them, asking them the same set of questions each year. This allows us to see how they’re changing and if they have interests that remain the same. I call these the Birthday Interviews.

Delaney Renee Fisher, 5yo, and Lauren Bissett Fisher, 37yo, December 2014
Lana's five, and I'm 37. We're currently off the coast of Madagascar, visiting Réunion Island.

What are you going to do when you grow up?
I want to have a dog and be a traveller. And I’m going to live in a real country.

What do you mean by “real country”?
The country that you were born in and I was born in.

Oh, Australia!
Yes, I just can’t remember.

What are your favourite toys?
My long blanky and Playmobil people

Who are your best friends?
I don’t want to say it.

What makes you happy?

What makes you sad?
Well, getting hurt.

When you dream at night, what do you dream about? Can you remember any of your dreams?
Sometimes scary things which make me get scared. I remember when I dreamed about the monster people, and Phoenix had one of those type of people that I had a dream of.

What do you like to do with Lauren?
I like to cuddle her.

What’s your favourite colour?

What’s your favourite book?
I don’t have one.

What does Lauren do during the day?
I don’t know.

What do you do during the day?
I go swimming when it’s shady.

What do you want to learn or do or visit before your next birthday?
I want to go see Hagai, and I want to go and see Sæþór and Àgùst again. That would make them happy as well.

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