Today it was time to say good-bye to our dear rats as we leave them with friends before heading for more adventures overseas. When we first acquired our pets last year I had no idea that I would become as attached to our little companions as much as the girls are! Today I found myself choking up as I said good-bye and then watched the girls as they also shared their last special moments with their friends.

Brioni watching the pets rats, August 2014
We move the cage out of the bus in anticipation of leaving them with at our friends' house.

Pet rats, August 2014
Sita comes out of the cage for one last cuddle while Shadow waits for her turn.

As we drive away without our pets on board, this feels like the unraveling of our current life — but only temporarily so. We know we’re leaving our rats in good hands, and I’m also thankful for friends who are willing to add two more animals to their already burgeoning menagerie!