When Brioni woke too early this morning crying, I could immediately tell something was wrong. She had her foot caught between the bars of her cot, and this spurred me into action.

I finally moved the toddler bed into the nursery and set it up so she could start sleeping in it. My idea is to get her used to the bed before moving her into Aïcha’s room (before the baby arrives and needs the nursery).

Brioni, 17 months, February 2008
Brioni's room still has the cot in the corner (just in case the transition to the bed doesn't go well), and of course, the reading chair for bedtime stories.

Brioni, 17 months, February 2008
"Yay, I'm a big girl now!"

Brioni, 17 months, February 2008
Brioni knew what the bed was for and seemed happy to stay in it.

This morning I also took the girls to a Mums’ Group that meets out of a local church. It has been almost a year since I attended a group like this, and I was the newbie there. I only knew one other lady and found it hard to fit in. (Casual conversation just isn’t my forté.)

The last time I joined a Mums’ Group, the whole group was just starting up, so everyone was new, and it led to two exceptional friendships. Perhaps I’m just expecting too much too soon, but I don’t know if I’ll persevere with it.

Later in the day, Brioni worked out that one small chair + determination = results.

Brioni, 17 months, February 2008
A little bit of ingenuity opens new worlds of possibilities.

Aïcha, 2yo, February 2008
"Look at me, Mum!"

I’ve done something bad to my back again, so I’m really waddling around, trying not to move my spine too much and staying high on pain killers. Ouch.

Aïcha was limping again today, so I wonder if her walking will get better or if it will deteriorate again.