Pubic hair is natural, and for the sake of my children I would love to see more of it on public display. As I’m not that hirsute, I’m thrilled when I meet a woman who casually and confidently displays her naturally hairy state.

Normal pubic hair visible outside a swimsuit, photographed July 2014
It's genetic. Some people have greater amounts of pubic hair than others, and its visible presence shouldn't make a woman less attractive.

One of the travesties of globalisation is the domination of a homogenised culture that has presented us with a standard of beauty that is rarely natural nor easily attainable. I have four daughters, and I don’t want them to grow up without seeing the full range of women’s body shapes, sizes and accoutrements that should incorporate the idea of “normal”.

I’m not attached to the idea that all women should give up their personal grooming habits, but I would like my children to see and know that they have options when it comes to how they want to arrange, tame, remove or cultivate their hair — both head hair and body hair. Others agree, with the photographer Ben Hopper creating an exhibition of beautiful women with armpit hair in Natural Beauty to challenge what he describes as the societal brainwashing by the beauty industry.

A woman (should I be saying “person”? I know some men feel this burden also) has the right to choose what to do with her body hair, including her pubes. Society should not be pressuring anyone to conform to one standard when it’s obvious that we’re all built differently and in reality, we appreciate and are attracted to different physical traits.

When I say “society” I’m really saying “me and you”. We need to normalise the natural state of body hair by displaying it proudly when it strays from the clothes we’re wearing. Because it’s us that makes the difference, and the beauty industry will inevitably catch on to the new trend — possibly even bringing out oils and products to enhance visible body hair. Because if there’s a market for it, someone will try to make a profit.

Let’s broaden the scope of beautiful options for our children. Starting with me.

Normal pubic hair visible outside a swimsuit, photographed July 2014
What would it take for you to walk casually and confidently at the beach or pool with your pubes on display?