We’ve been camping as part of the Rainbow Gathering in Tasmania for several weeks now. It’s been special to be living with a large group of friends who helped us celebrate Aisha’s ninth birthday yesterday.

Gathering for food circle in the afternoon, Tasmanian Rainbow Gathering, January 2014
The Rainbows have gathering in a food circle and are already singing when I leave the Welcome Space at the edge of Gypsy Camp to join our tribe. My self-appointed role is to greet newcomers and provide some sort of parking direction for those who arrive in a vehicle.

The circle of about eighty people sang “Happy birthday” to Aisha (twice!), Tom presented her with a beautiful hand-crocheted purple hoodie, and after the meal we enjoyed a cacao celebration. Several attendees are cacao enthusiasts and had brought the South American delicacy as a donation for a very special desert. Bliss balls were made with and without dairy ingredients and offered to the group after a parade and ceremony.

Brioni dressed up in a parade, Tasmanian Rainbow Gathering, February 2014
Brioni has spent the afternoon decorating herself and dressing for the grand cacao parade, and she eagerly joins the group singing and dancing around the circle.

King and Christian, Tasmanian Rainbow Gathering, February 2014
King and Christian make music together as the performers prance within the two concentric circles of the waiting Rainbow Family.

It’s so interesting how the girls’ birthdays are so different each year. Instead of trying to remember the birthdays by the cake decoration or significant present, our memories are based on location and those who celebrate with us. This year Aisha’s birthday is truly special as it’s with our Rainbow Family tribe, and there’s no way of predicting where we’ll be next year!