Aïcha started to show signs of healing late last week, and she was walking (with a limp) by Saturday, so we praise God for his healing. The swelling has gone down considerably, and she has stopped asking for medicine. She occasionally complains about pain and still favours it when climbing, but she’s back to running and jumping around the house (especially in her frog towel — pic coming, I promise).

Today I took Aïcha to see the specialist anyway, as I had made the appointment last week when she wasn’t walking. Although a diagnosis was impossible (as she was almost recovered), the introduction means that if the problem returns I can see the specialist right away.

Aïcha, 2yo & Brioni, 17 months, February 2008
The girls love being cheeky together. Here, they were both hopping off the stool although I was trying to get them to pose for the camera.

Aïcha, 2yo & Brioni, 17 months, February 2008
A beautiful kiss between sisters.

I also stopped by the office today to show off the girls (while I only had three to herd around). Someone still had some balloons up from their birthday (in October, was it?), and the balloons meant the girls had something to play with while I chatted.

I asked my colleagues — have you missed me? They replied, “It’s only been two days!” Perhaps I over-estimate my worth.

Lauren, February 2008
My work colleague PH had received a new camera for our work unit and tried it out on us.

Brioni, 17 months, February 2008

Aïcha, 2yo, February 2008