It’s a lazy day in our little housebus. The girls have requested a Bed Day. This means that I leave our bed up and we don’t drive anywhere. (With the bed still in place, I can’t drive!)

Delaney, Aisha and Calista watching a screen while on the bed, July 2014
The girls love to share their experiences — even screentime! — with each other, and a bed-day provides the perfect environment for it.

We’re back to being by ourselves. This is deliberate. We consciously acknowledge our need to regroup as a family after spending time in communal living, and so I drive to some beautiful spot to park until we feel it’s the right time to move on.

Rather than getting cabin-fever, on Bed Days we settle into our small space and enjoy the closeness. I’m so thankful that we can live harmoniously in such a small space. I don’t know if I have the energy to pursue this sort of lifestyle with a more boisterous lot.

We cook a little, eat lots of fresh fruit, cuddle and play. I love Bed Days too. They give me a chance to read or write and reconnect with those I love the most. I hear stories about the times we were apart. I witness the girls’ interactions as they play. I tease and tickle when it’s wanted and help keep everyone quiet while we listen to a historical novel in audio format.

When people ask me how it’s possible live in such a small space, I reply that the secret is to enjoy each other’s company — thoroughly. Bed Days remind me how much we do enjoy the company of our family, how we are all friends, how we do all work together (mostly), and how great our life is!

The girls love a Bed Day. And so do I.