As I’m really not very handy — or thorough — with my manual skills, I have cheated and bought a kit kennel to use as the basis for my hen house.

I was really pleased when it arrived today and have started making the necessary modifications. I cut a door for my chooks and will ask David to help me build a nesting box on the side. I need the nesting box to make it possible to collect the eggs from outside the hen house so that eventually the girls can start doing it.

David has a really good mind for visualising and constructing things, so I’ll be relying on his practical advice. I’m much better with the creative side of things and have chosen the colours, insisted on the pretty peaked roof, and cut out a special doorway for my ladies.

The Poulet Chalet starts to take shape, February 2008
In the pursuit of multiculturalism, I've decided to mix my ethnicities with my "Poulet Chalet" and have made the door a Moroccan archway.

I also have a challenge on with my friend Mel. She has to get her vegie patch growing something before I have the Poulet Chalet in place. Watch out, Mel, I’m working on this as quickly as I can!

I want to get the Poulet Chalet out to the yard so I can get another chook. The two pullets I purchased must have been raised in a barn (literally) because they would love to stay inside their box all day, they hardly scratch at the soil, and they don’t seem to be eating the yummy scraps I throw their way. I need to introduce another, older, free-range chook that can show them the way to healthy outdoor living. (And I need them to start scratching up my vegie-garden-bay so I can get my first vegies in at the beginning of March!)