Imagine dancing with friends of all ages in a friendly setting every week — it’s a great way to work out and build community connections! Every Sunday in South Hobart, dedicated dancers meet for a boogie and a chat.

Dance Club, South Hobart, March 2014
Dance Club has been running for years, and good friendships have developed between the regular attendees.

I first heard about Dance Club last year from another travelling family, and it’s taken us this long for time and space to collide favourably so we could try it out for ourselves!

South Hobart Community Centre, March 2014
The South Hobart Community Centre is just above the park on the corner of Darcy and Washington Streets.

It took me a while to work out exactly where the community hall was, because from the street-level there are no signs giving an indication of what’s behind the shrubbery that lines the park.

Calista at the playground, March 2014
The fully-fenced park is a kid-friendly location for Dance Club, as the kids can dance inside or play outside according to how they feel.

Lana and Lauren, March 2014
Four-year-old Lana's going through a phase of climbing as high as she can without regard to how she'll get down. This evening, I had to rescue her down from here and from several trees!

Dance Club is very informal. Our family could come and go as it suited us, and late arrivals are welcomed. The music comes from a pre-set play-list. Everyone is invited to have a turn putting together a two-hour play-list that basically follows a warm-up/chaos/cool-down curve.

Dance Club in the community hall, South Hobart, March 2014
Inside the small hall, the sterile room is thoroughly disguised by wall-to-wall fabric hangings in red(!). Tea-lights and lanterns and a rotating rainbow projector on the ceiling set the mood for dancing while floor fans keep the air moving.

Calista, Aisha and Lana playing with small toys, March 2014
Occasionally the girls come in and dance, and other times they use their little toys as props in elaborate games in and around the community centre. They loved to play behind the wall-hangings and explore the hidden recesses.

Brioni dancing at Dance Club, South Hobart, March 2014
It's a lot of fun to dance in such a low-pressure environment. Children are thoroughly welcome to participate, although the dance-music we heard today was chosen for adults.

I enjoyed chatting with the ladies at Dance Club tonight. There was a lot of music that I hadn’t heard — as I don’t usually listen to dance/techno. One stand-out artist that caught my ear is Parov Stelar who fuses brassy jazz with dance beats. Kate assured me that the music every week is different, and I’d like to bring us back so we can dance to a different set!

If you’re a local or travelling through Hobart and feel like a dance, this is definitely a friendly place to come! Dance Club is on every Sunday from 5-7 pm at the South Hobart Community Centre in Darcy Street.