The sun was shining, and we were in the mood to be out of town, so we drove south. One of the best things about Tasmania is that we’re never really far from any destination, and this weekend, I wanted to explore the Tasman Peninsula which we completely missed earlier this year.

As soon as the girls saw the waves at Eaglehawk Neck, they asked me to stop. I didn’t think it was warm enough for swimming, but the girls suited up, grabbed their boards and ran for the surf.

Going to the beach at Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania, November 2013
The sun has come out to play today, and the girls are eager to go to the beach. We take our boards down to the sand at Eaglehawk Neck, but the surf was too messy for us to go in.

Soon we were just playing on the sand, making sand-castles, beach-combing and chasing each other around. There’s energy in the fresh, salty breeze that blows off the Tasman Sea, and if I let it penetrate me, I catch the playfulness that almost permanently envelopes my kids.

A chance encounter (if there is such a thing!) with one of our friends from the Rainbow focalising group led me to our parking spot for the night. Further down the peninsula, Waterfall Bay Road leads into the Tasman National Park and ends at a pair of look-outs situated on the edge of the cliff.

Waterfall Bay, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, November 2013
Even though it's raining lightly, the view of Waterfall Bay is breathtaking from the very edge of a tall sea-cliff.

I positioned myself at the very edge in my chair and marvelled at the view. Behind me, the younger girls played with dinosaur toys, and Brioni and Aisha explored small sections of the walking tracks. The girls are eager to start exploring some tracks, so I hope to get us walking again. It’s been a while since we set off on a long bushwalk as a family, and I miss both the exercise and the experience.

Flower at the edge of the cliff, Waterfall Bay, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, November 2013
A bright flower clings to the very edge of the rock, inspiring me with its tenacity.

Being surrounded by nature, I gained clarity on some mental points that had been chafing painfully over the past couple of weeks. I watched the wildlife creep past me and knew that the edge of the cliff held no danger to them, although the drop-off made my stomach twist in fear.

Spider creating web, November 2013
In the calmness of this place, a spider bravely spinning a new web captivates my attention.

There’s more on the Tasman Peninsula to discover, and now I know where to park! Waterfall Bay was a such a peaceful place to spend the night; I’m looking forward to going back.