I was thrilled to return today to the home of our dear friend Yvonne in Launceston to join with others who are committed to providing the initial seed of energy for the February 2014 Tasmanian Rainbow Gathering. It’s part of Rainbow terminology to call the starting crew the “focalisers”.

The dates for the Tasmanian Rainbow Gathering are:

  • Pre-seed camp: Nov 27 — Dec 2
  • Seed camp: from Dec 3
  • Opening ceremony: Jan 31 (new moon and Chinese New Year!)
  • Full moon celebration (peak): Feb 14
  • Closing ceremony: March 1 (new moon)

Olly, Krisna, Laxmi, Dave, focalising the Rainbow Gathering, Launceston, November 2013
We start our small gathering inside the house and then move outside when it stops raining. I haven't met everyone here previously, and so there are new personalities to get to know and names to remember, but we share a common spirit and purpose!

Today, as focalisers, we observed the Rainbow protocols of coming together in a circle, using a talking stick and reaching consensus on decisions. The important things that we discussed included the involvement of dogs at Rainbow Gatherings and the guidelines for substance use, electronics and photography.

It’s a privilege to sit among people from wildly different backgrounds, from different generations, from different countries and all of us with our own opinions. We talked a lot — listening to all viewpoints — until we all agreed, for that is what consensus is, and that is the Rainbow way.

Apart from working out basic logistics, expressing our desires for the upcoming gathering and discussing where we would be investing our personal energy, we spent a lot of time on two brief statements.


Due to the potential of ecological harm caused by dogs, it’s unwise practice to take them into Australian bush.

  • Please don’t bring your dog to Rainbow Gatherings.
  • If you cannot leave your dog elsewhere, we understand and request your dog to remain at Gypsy Camp and not to go beyond the Welcome Gate.
  • See Pup 107.

Welcome gate

At the Welcome Gate, we will put up a sign that says: “By taking the next step, you agree:”

  • All communal areas are free from smoking, drugs and alcohol.
  • The whole gathering is electronics-free, excepting flashlights/torches, lanterns and stoves. Please turn off phones and all electronic devices.
  • Discreet photography only by consent.

Focalisers for the February 2014 Tasmanian Rainbow Gathering, Launceston, November 2013
The focalisers for the February 2014 Tasmanian Rainbow Gathering that met today are Dan, Lauren, Dave, Krisha, Olly, Laxmi, Dave and Yvonne.

The focalisers are in no way the leading crew for the Rainbow Gathering. Instead, we are the first set of voices that set a creative process in motion. We call to others to join us in resourcing and seeding the gathering, and next Wednesday (November 27th), we’ll meet in another circle on site (to be publicised at rainbowaustralia.blogspot.com.au to continue the discussion started today!