In our travelling, unschooling lifestyle, we rarely have to be anywhere at a certain time. We don’t worry about what day of the week it is. Months are unimportant. Instead of having our lives determined by a calendar, we inhabit the present.

Living away from the clock and calendar means that we note the seasons’ changes and the moon phases by observation, instead of by looking at icons on a grid. The girls noticed spring happening when we were in the Red Centre in August and have noticed that it’s still spring in southern Australia.

Even the prearranged playdates with other families usually afford us an hour or two leeway either side of the set time, as I rarely agree to being somewhere, anywhere at a certain time. We don’t have bed-times and don’t have waking times. We get up when we’re ready and drive away when it’s right. I really don’t want to add an unnecessary stress on our family by insisting we rush or stop doing something awesome because the clock hands are pointing in a certain direction!

But when our travel depends on others — like on the ferry to Tasmania — it’s a small stress to manage our reentry into time and date. It’s funny that being at a certain place at a certain time is undesirable to me now — I used to thrive on routine!

Going aboard the Spirit of Tasmania, Melbourne, November 2013
At this point I know we've made the boat and I can start to relax. It's sailing time!

But that’s the way things are with us. For now. ;)