There are so many moments that I wish to never forget. Like tonight, when the girls ramped up their silliness and games at about 10.30pm. We were all laughing at each other’s antics.

Aisha playing, November 2013
Aisha is in such a silly mood. She's singing and dancing in a crazy way.

Brioni playing, November 2013
Brioni has dressed up as a bandit for her own routine of ninja dance moves!

Calista playing, November 2013
While playing with her sisters, Cali is developing her own acrobalance routine on the back of the bus' seats.

Lana playing on her kipi, November 2013
Lana is the only one whose energy is waning. She's settled on the back bed with her kipi.

These late nights don’t don’t have negative effects because our sleeping patterns are in sync with each other. Sure, on some nights the girls stay up until midnight, but they often stay asleep past ten in the morning. I’ve written before about how we’ve offered our girls freedom in their bed-times, and it’s still working for us!