The girls are very eager to experience snow. We were already in central Victoria when I decided to check the weather forecast. With snow showers forecast for the top of Mt Buller, we decided to head up that way to see if we could catch a little bit of out-of-season snow!

Mt Buller, Victoria, November 2013
At the very top of Mt Buller, the wind is fierce and freezing, but we only catch sight of a few snowflakes. We'll need to go somewhere cold during winter in order to experience snow properly!

Playing on Mt Buller, Victoria, November 2013
The girls rug up warmly and play outside until the chill gets to be too much for them.

Playing on Mt Buller, Victoria, November 2013
A lot of the fun of this excursion was in the dressing up for the extreme cold. We pile on layers of clothing, accessorised with mittens and gloves, added hats and scarfs and then go outside more confidently ... for a little while, at least!

Scarlet robin, Mt Buller, November 2013
We're delighted to see a scarlet robin up here. The girls recognise and can name the robin from its appearance on The Secret Garden, and I'm left wondering how similar it is to its northern hemisphere counterparts!

Free-camping at Delatite River, Victoria, November 2013
Down the bottom of the alpine reserve, we find a nice place to spend the night on a reserve along the Delatite River.

The cold and the different landscape was fun to experience, and the girls loved the windy steep drive to the top of Mt Buller. I’m not sure we could overnight comfortably in our bus in sub-zero temperatures, so I’m glad to be off the mountain, but I’ve definitely promised the girls that we’ll make an effort to see snow in the future!