Manou, Aïcha and Brioni, January 2008
I don't know whether the hens were shell-shocked or just tame, but they let the girls pat them and didn't run away.

Finally, after months of spurts of energy and effort, my chook pen is finished and I was able to bring two lovely hens home to roost. It will be good to collect the eggs and throw the scraps to them.

An integrated chook run and vegie patch allows the principles of permaculture to work in a confined space.

I designed the chook pen with four bays. Three bays have a removable fence so the bay can either be fenced as part of the chook run or fenced off so I can grow vegies in it. I intend to use the bays for crop rotation with the help of my hen tillers and fertilisers.

I still have to build a proper “poulet chalet” to allow us to collect the eggs without entering the pen. Hopefully, I’ll have more on this next month when I finish modifying a kennel to make a hen-house.