Lana is still enjoying her games with scissors, but it’s been enhanced by an awareness of the wonders of sticky-tape. She spends many happy hours cutting and sticking things together. I gratefully accept small parcels of paper and plant bundled together with sticky-tape and less gratefully spend time cleaning the stray bits off our floor.

Let’s review so of what she’s been making!

Lana and her sticky-taped platypus, October 2013
We start with some light bondage. (Sorry, Platty!)

Lana with her sticky-taped sting-ray toy, October 2013
Sting-ray from Bali is subjected to similar restraints.

Lana in a sticky-taped dress, October 2013
It's a new fashion — fully self-administered!

A sticky-taped rainbow scarf, October 2013
Your imagination can decide if it's modern art or a rainbow rocket.

Lana with her scissors outside, October 2013
Lana takes her scissors outside to cut flowers for her creations. Sometimes I am gifted with mini bouquets of taped flowers that I pin onto my shirt or wear in my hair.

Although the left-over bits of sticky-tape sometimes drive me crazy, I’m thankful that Lana’s occupied, creative and happy. While I know it’s just a phase, I like to think that she’s building up skills that will prove useful in the future. Meanwhile, I have the bits to clean off the floor to keep me humble!