While we were on the west coast in July, my sister’s family moved from their home in Tamworth to a new residence in the coastal town of Coffs Harbour. The kids were excited at the possibility of playing with their cousins again, so we detoured to see the Croakers while we were still on the north coast of NSW.

View of Diggers Beach through the rain, Coffs Harbour, October 2013
Andy grew up in this area — close to the beach — and is pleased his children will have a similar experience. Even on a rainy day, the waves are beckoning us for a play.

Watching TV at the Croakers' home, October 2013
The girls enjoy watching a movie together on the big screen.

Cousins Delenn Croaker and Lana Fisher, October 2013
The rain is relentless, and Delenn accompanies Lana down to the bus when Lana decides she wants her "red ruggie" to cuddle while she watches tv.

Bowen playing Minecraft on the computer, October 2013
Bowen is eager to show me some of his sophisticated creations in Minecraft. I love seeing how older kids use the games that my girls are just starting out with, and I look forward to watching the girls' progress.

Flynn playing on the iPad, October 2013
Flynn is football mad and uses the tablet to introduce me to his favourite teams and players.

Carla and Elora Croaker, October 201
I see many similarities between Carla and Elora, and it'll be interesting to see if one of my daughters grows to be like me too!

It was a joy to catch up with Carla and Andy and see how their kids are growing. It’s been almost a year since we last played together, and it’s fun to hear the kids talk about their new interests and passions. I’m glad to have seen their beautiful new home and hope that they continue to settle in comfortably!