With two birthdays in two days, our combined household in Alice Springs has been in party mode for a while. We celebrated Brioni’s birthday on Sunday, and Monday was Meg’s third birthday but she wasn’t interested in partying until today when she requested her cupcakes and opened her special present sent from New Zealand!

Brioni and kids playing pass-the-parcel, August 2013
Brioni has been planning her special pass-the-parcel game for a week. She chose presents for every member of both our families and wrapped them carefully. I chose something special for her and wrapped it too. We passed the bag of presents around and stopped with the music, then a present was pulled out and passed to the designated recipient. We were all touched by the thought and consideration Brioni put into each of our individual gifts.

Brioni with a boxed scooter, August 2013
Brioni is delighted to unwrap the Edinboroughs's present on her birthday — a scooter is exactly what she wanted, and it's in her favourite colour!

Playing with party toys, August 2013
We send the children outside to the fenced trampoline with poppers and noise-makers. The confined space means the mess is easy to clean up, and the bounce of all the children adds to the fun!

Sparklers at night-time, August 2013
After dark, the kids remind us about the sparklers. The smell reminds me of happy childhood holidays, and I hope that our children are making similar memories!

Meghan with a sparkler, August 2013
Meghan is particularly fascinated by her sparkler and stands still to watch it burn down.

Lighting sparklers, August 2013
Pip and Grant work together to light the sparklers and collect the extinguished ones so no one steps on a hot line of metal.

Brioni with her birthday cake, August 2013
When her cake is ready, Brioni is delighted with the result — a raw vegan cake made with love by Pip.

Meghan with her birthday cupcakes, August 2013
Pip made the cupcakes yesterday, but Meg's wasn't interested in eating them until today!

Meghan with dolls, August 2013
After unwrapping her present from her Nana, Meg calls the larger doll "Mama" and the smaller one "Little".

As we reflected on the way the two birthdays were celebrated, Pip and I marvelled at the perfect timing of it all. Brioni’s birthday on Sunday with all the games and accessories satisfied the older children’s partying desires, so they didn’t pressure Meg to “have a birthday” when she didn’t want to! Also, Meg’s lack of interest yesterday meant that my sick, sleeping children didn’t miss out on the cupcakes or the celebration!