It’s surreal to be visiting the Edinborough family in Alice Springs. The last time we were together, it was in Kerikeri, New Zealand, and baby Elijah was the main attraction. We connected as homeschoolers, found similarities in our parenting styles, and began a friendship that has endured through all the changes.

The Gifted Gypsy parked in Alice Springs, August 2013
It's been a while since we've parked openly in someone's suburban front yard, and our welcome here cements our warm introduction to Alice Springs and the Northern Territory.

This year, Grant and Pip moved to the Northern Territory after Grant was offered a job with the NT police. They’ve been in Alice Springs for six weeks and are planning on calling Australia home for a number of years at least.

Tom Edinborough and Brioni Fisher, dressed as pirates, Alice Springs, August 2013
Very quickly, Tom and Brioni raid the dress-ups box and turn into pirates, slipping easily into the game they last played together 16 months ago.

Burning the edges of a map, August 2013
When the pirates decide to decorate their treasure map with burnt edges, they use a whole box of matches to get the desired effect.

Sunset in Alice Springs, August 2013
I love being in the arid climate of Alice Springs! The plants, dust and heat remind me of my childhood in the drier parts of West Africa.

Being welcomed back into the Edinborough’s (new) home has been wonderful for our family. The children have so quickly reformed their friendships, and Pip and I have yet to stop talking! We have been missing our friends from Western Australia, and so this time with another family is precious to us.