When we left Perth last week, we picked up our Hobart-based friend Marcus who will travel with us to the Northern Territory. He’s been in WA visiting his brother and was eager to see more of Australia on his way to another relative’s house in Alice Springs.

Marcus and Brioni on Wave Rock, August 2013
Marcus rides Wave Rock while Brioni falls off her board.

Marcus outside the tent, August 2013
Each night, Marcus stays in the tent, giving him a break from our oestrogen-filled bus!

Australia's longest straight road, Western Australia
We put the bus onto auto-pilot for Australia's longest straight road — ninety miles long.

Camel, wombat and kangaroo sign on the Nullarbor, South Australia
Although we watch carefully as we cross the Nullarbor, we still don't see any camels.

Marcus Lambert at the edge of the Nullarbor, August 2013
This is the first time Marcus has visited this part of our huge country, and since I've been here (once) before, I'm happy to show him the sights.

The Great Australian Bight
At several places along the Nullarbor, we pull over to admire the high cliffs that form the Great Australian Bight.

We’re covering a lot of kilometres in a short amount of time, and it’s a treat to be able to share the driving with another adult. The girls love playing with Marcus and are comfortable with him being in our small space.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, Marcus!