Brioni, 15 months, November 2007
Tell me Brioni won't grow out of her cuddly stage! She's so consistently affectionate, and I want her to stay like this forever!

A cat at the Fishers — who would have thought?!
Among all the Harveys' toys, Aïcha found a real, amplified microphone into which she could practice singing!

Ben, Ye, Ella + Aïcha help to clean the truck.
Yes, Brioni is *under* the table. Both girls' favourite toys at the Harveys were the baby-doll and stroller. We were forever putting the doll in and out of the stroller and extricating it from the straps.

Keegan & Jemilla Harvey, December 2007
The Harvey cousins: Keegan (3) & Jemilla (5). Tirzah was born on December 4, 2007.

Keegan & Aïcha, December 2007
Aïcha and Keegan entertained themselves for almost an hour by giggling as they played with a ratty pink ribbon. The game was this: throw the ribbon as hard as you can. Let the other person retrieve it. Watch them throw it away, then collect it back. Good, clean, non-expensive fun.