Today I learned that we’ll be in the city for the rest of the month. It’s especially ironic because I’ve been looking forward to driving away from Perth even before I arrived here.

Perth skyline at night, July 2013
We stop one evening to enjoy the lights of Perth from the southern side of the river. The pink building on the right changes colour, much to the delight of our girls!

Months ago, when I was forecasting our trip to Indonesia and our return from the tropics to Perth’s winter, I always added “We’ll head north right away to escape the cold.” In doing so, I was investing myself in an imaginary future that I couldn’t actually control.

Since we’ve arrived back, I’ve been itching to take our bus for a good, long drive into the desert. I’ve been vacillating between heading towards Geraldton and Kalgoorlie, and the anticipation of each has kept me inspired.

Clearly, I still have to learn to let go of the future and simply watch it unfold in front of us. Because my predictions were wrong. We’re staying in Perth for July.

The girls have had their dental check-up through the school health service. We need to return to the dentist for a follow-up visit, and the next available appointment was at the very end of July. So here we are!

Note to Australian homeschoolers: to access dental care, simply call your closest school dental service. Any child of school age (registered or not) is eligible for treatment.

Although I’m reluctant to linger in the winter temperatures, the girls are doing fine with the colder days and nights. We rug up well (and occasionally the girls wear socks and shoes!) and take advantage of the sunshine where we can find it.

This extra time in Perth will give us an opportunity to turn certain acquaintances into friends and spend more time with my mother. There’s also a vibrant conscious community in Fremantle, a well-connected network of homeschoolers and many artistic and inspirational people here that I’d like to know better. It’ll be good to linger, surely, and who knows what will happen next?!