Aisha has asked me to start blogging again. She wants to remember this phase of her life so her memories aren’t skewed to the times in our lives when we were a bigger family. So I’ll start taking pictures again for her and her sisters, and writing for them, although I know it will benefit me too.

Sitting around a candle at Anna's, June 2013
As I sit around a candle and share intimately with three other women, I am reminded of how much I need this community of honest, conscious people around me to encourage me to be a better person and a better mother.

We’ve recently returned to Australia after six weeks in Bali, Indonesia. The girls loved it — between the wi-fi in the hotel room, the tropical pool and the ever-open restaurant — they had everything they desired! As we shared many days with other unschooling families, our children formed special bonds that we’ll maintain in Australia.

Aisha and Satria, June 2013
Born two years apart to the day, Aisha and Satria share similar interests in technology, travel and self-determination.

Now we’re back in our little bus in Perth, Western Australia, content in our confined space, equipped for all kinds of weather and outings. We’re meeting up with new friends and old, receiving the magic of life as it comes to us, and looking forward to more exciting adventures in the future!