I’m relieved to have reached the decision to stop updating Sparkling Adventures on a regular basis. Dedicated readers will know that I’ve blogged almost daily for over six years, and yet I’ve struggled with maintaining the site over the past couple of months.

I have discovered that I am finding a beautiful and fulfilling energy exchange with those people I am around in real life. This means that I no longer have the time or inclination to go online and tell the stories that fill our days.

I am immersing myself in the moment and choosing to let it pass by, unrecorded. It’s been a relief to stop using the camera, stop researching the obscure details of our family’s adventures and to stop spending so much time on the computer. The creative energy that I previously poured into Sparkling Adventures is being used in other endeavours, including crochet, community art collaborations and an exploration of music.

I still have stories and photos to share up to and including March 11, and I intend to note some aspects of the girls’ development, specifically the birthday interviews.

So our adventures will continue, undocumented — at least for a while. As we travel around, you can catch highlights on Instagram and Facebook. As always, I am happy to meet new, old and online friends whose paths intersect with ours.

If there is anything I have ever written that I want to emphasise, it is this: The way of Love is the key to opening ourselves up to people, experiences and joys in the world around us. It starts in us — in our hearts. When we examine ourselves and stop the unloving self-talk, quit the judgemental assessments and turn with hope to each encounter, we start on the path of Love towards emancipation.