We flew to Perth to spend ten days with the Harveys. Renée was scheduled to give birth in that time, and much to our delight she obliged — so we got to meet Tirzah Joy. We had a wonderful time visiting, and the cousins played non-stop.

Heading to Perth, November 2007
We were a man with a broken foot, a pregnant lady and two little girls, with a lot of luggage. Here's how we got ourselves and our gear to the airport.

David found the shopping trolley at the train station, and when we started getting onto the train, we found it was easier to just load the whole trolley onto the train, rather than unloading our luggage into the carriage.

The ticket inspector’s eyes popped out of his head when he saw the shopping trolley at the airport station, but it was obvious that we really needed all the help we could get.

Aïcha is sitting on the Bibi Strolli Rider, a handy attachment which means she doesn’t have to walk all the time. Brioni is in the fold-up stroller, and David was walking with his air-cast, though he brought his crutches onto the plane.

I was glad to have chosen to fly Qantas, as the staff at the airport were helpful and solicitous, with a steward carrying Brioni onto the plane for us as David crutched his way down the aisle and I managed the bags.

The flight over was forgettable, with everyone tired and Brioni sick (twice) all over me, but it was still worth it!