Homeschoolers around the world join together regularly in formal and informal groups to expose their children to new skills and build relationships. We like to join in with local groups wherever possible, and today we visited the Hobart Natural Learners Co-op.

Playground at Taroona Community Hall, February 2013
The Hobart Natural Learners meet on Tuesdays at the Taroona Community Hall facilities just south of Hobart.

Meeting house at Taroona Community Hall, February 2013
A small building behind the playground is perfect for the co-op. It has bathroom and kitchen facilities and can be booked by community groups for only $11 a session.

Painting with a co-op, Taroona, February 2013
Families contribute materials for the activities which are usually pre-determined in online discussion.

Aisha painting at the co-op, Taroona, Hobart, February 2013
Our girls are very excited to have the opportunity to paint pictures as we don't carry painting supplies with us on the road.

Delaney doing a puzzle at the Hobart Natural Learners Co-op, Taroona, Hobart, February 2013
While her sisters are painting, Delaney plays with some wooden puzzles brought along by another parent. The nature of co-ops is that everyone contributes and everyone benefits.

I loved seeing friends again and making new ones. My only disappointment in the whole day is that we’re leaving tomorrow, and so we don’t have the luxury of spending more time getting to know these beautiful Hobart families. I hope we’ll be able to join them in the future when we return to Tasmania!