After leaving the Aldrics in Canberra, we headed to the coast, specifically Moruya, where David’s brother Tim was staying. The south coast is a lovely stretch of coastline, considered a choice holidaying spot for many Sydneysiders, and I was glad to be there during the off-season, as most beaches were deserted.

Aïcha, 2yo, August 2007
Fun at the beach! The water was cold, but Aïcha's enthusiasm stayed high.

David and Tim, August 2007
As only kamikaze brothers, David and Tim embarked through the surf in a one-person canoe. (Look how low it is in the water!) They successfully, if perilously, rounded a rocky promontory, where David decided it would be more prudent to walk back along the beach. Coming back into shore, Tim and the canoe capsized in the surf.

David and Aïcha, 2yo, August 2007
David later coaxed Aïcha into the canoe in a calm waterway. After her initial hesitation, she decided she loved riding in the 'nu'.

Lauren & Aïcha, 2yo, August 2007
The next day it was my turn for a paddle.

Meeting the wildlife, Green Square, NSW
While camping near Jervis Bay, we were joined in our evening meal by a friendly kangaroo. Well, he started off friendly, and it was cute to hand-feed him. The girls were intrigued, and David can't resist trying to pet the wildlife. But then the roo got a bit aggressive, demanding food with grunts and grabbing onto David's arm. Two possums came down from their trees and on to the picnic table, and they started brawling with the roo, so we decided to pack up our dinner really quickly and head back to the safety of the truck.