One of the limitations of living in a bus like ours is that while it’s great for our family, it doesn’t suit anyone who’s taller than 180cm. At the CircusFest we met a tall family who live in a Toyota Coaster like ours that’s been modified to suit Jesse’s height.

Here’s the Lethbridges’ housebus.

The Lethbridge's bus, January 2013
After living in a cramped space for over a year, Jesse found a sheet-metal worker who raised the roof of the bus with a steel frame and aluminium sheets, adding height to the interior living space.

The Lethbridges' bus, January 2013
From the doorway, we look at the kitchen sink and wicker baskets that hold the kitchen accessories.

The Lethbridges' bus, January 2013
The back of their bus is a large bed with a table that folds up for meals as well as providing access to the items stored underneath.

The Lethbridges' bus, January 2013
The raised roof is lined with timber sheets and surrounded with shelves, providing a beautiful ceiling and extra storage.

The Lethbridges' bus, January 2013
The front of the bus is dedicated to the seats for driving and transforms into a bed for 8yo Lily.

The Lethbridges' bus, January 2013
I really like the way Rosi has chosen natural materials and handwoven fabrics to accessorise the inside of their housebus.

Jesse crafts and sells didgeridoos online at DidgeridooBreath. His music is also available on that site as well.

It’s been a relief and a joy to meet the Lethbridge family. Not only do they maintain a travelling lifestyle like us, but we share similar views in parenting, schooling and spirituality. It’s wonderful to make a friend like Rosi (she maintains a beautiful blog at RosaLindenTree) who is creative and inspirational and compassionate.

Cedar and Rosi Lethbridge, January 2013
Rosi is making a jumper for 2yo Cedar.

Jesse Lethbridge busking at CircusFest, January 2013
Jesse plays the didgeridoo and drums, busking and selling CDs of his music to maintain his family's lifestyle on the road.

Following our time at the CircusFest, we camped together tonight at Scottsdale and were able to spend more time together. Our girls play so well together, and it’s nice to see them all flitting around the bush, making fairy homes and playing dress-ups in a natural setting!

Aisha Fisher and Lily Lethbridge, February 2013
Aisha and Lily are now good friends. It's great to have our girls find friends with whom they share many aspects of their lives.

I hope that our path crosses with the Lethbridges’ again very soon. It’ll be good to get to know them even better!