The grass may not be greener, but the sand is definitely cleaner at our new camp-site. I moved the bus earlier today to be closer to the water and in a place where the sand is not mixed with the soot from countless bushfires. We’re still in Narawntapu National Park and just on the water’s edge.

Delaney, Brioni and Calista sleeping in the bed, January 2013
In the morning, I disentangle myself from mishmash of small children in the top bed. Aisha is also still asleep in the bed — just well-placed to avoid her sisters' flailing limbs.

Brioni lying in the sand, Camping at Narawntapu National Park, Tasmania, January 2013
The girls start playing in the sand here, using found objects to create little mandalas, castles and fairy homes.

It’s easy for the girls to play non-stop all day. I love to watch their little games, for in their interactions they mimic the social structures they know and the relationships that have been modelled. Now that Calista and Delaney have paired up, I’m more relaxed about seeing Aisha and Brioni in an exclusive imaginary world.

Brioni and Aisha playing with their toys outside, January 2013
Even the simplest items become props in their games, and with their ever-changing environment, the girls don't lack for inspiration.

This new spot that we are parked is probably the best camp-site in this national park. We’re in Bay 34, on the western side of the designated day-use picnic area, separated from the water by only a picnic table. The water is calm here, there are trees to shade the bus in the late afternoon, and the ground is flat. Check it out:

Swimming in the water at Narawntapu National Park, Tasmania, January 2013
Late this afternoon, Brioni and Delaney decided to go for a swim. The bay water is extremely shallow for a long way out and almost waveless — perfect for Delaney — but too cold for me!

Tonight the girls and I enjoyed a terrific game together where I dressed up and “judged” their designs in the sand. The girls were so chuffed with my costume that it makes me wonder if I don’t usually participate so eagerly in their games. All I did was put a colander on my head, wrap some clothes around it and sport a pair of googles, but it was enough to illicit gales of laughter from the three girls who were playing.

Lauren dressed up for a game, January 2013
With strange headgear, eyewear and a dodgy British accent, I become someone else entirely and the girls love it!

Maybe I need to play some more. It’s good fun too.

I like this spot so much. I’d love to stay much longer but we’re running out of food, and that means we need to head back to town. I always hope to come back to great spots, but there’s always more to discover, and that keeps us driving. But I’ll remember this spot in Tasmania as one of the best.