When we broke down in Launceston, we were half an island away from where I wanted to be. I wanted to be at the Cygnet Folk Festival, camping alongside friends who had reserved a spot next to their tent for our housebus. But as soon as it became clear that we wouldn’t be driving anywhere faster than 20 kph, I had to deliberately let go of disappointment, abandoning my imaginary idea of the future so that I could embrace the experiences that were happening to us and turn my face to anticipate the blessings in it all.

While the bus was being repaired, we haven’t missed out on a wonderful time at all. Instead, we have made new friends and received such generous support that my breath catches in my throat when I think about all that transpired since last Friday.

First, we needed a mechanic. When we were last in Launceston, I stopped to fuel the bus and chatted with the service attendant who came to serve me. John handed me his card, saying that he was a mechanic, and he was available to help if we ever needed assistance. So, I found John’s card, called his number, and he came around very quickly and booked the bus in for Wednesday.

Next, we needed a place to park up with the bus where we wouldn’t be in anyone’s way. A friend of an online friend was out of town, but via text messages I asked if we could stay out the front of their place. That was fine, and we were welcome to use their facilities.

Parked at Launceston, January 2013
For a couple days, we park in front of a house of people that we haven't even met.

Early in the week, part of the family arrived home, and so we met Ian Booth and three of his daughters. Whitney started coming down to play with our girls, and I think with more time they could form a good friendship.

Aisha and Whitney sweeping, January 2013
Aisha and Whitney sweep the carport after we pack our gear into the bus.

Truly, it was wonderful to park up at a stress-free location for a couple of days while we waited for our turn at the mechanic’s. The girls enjoyed playing in the garden, elaborately arranging flowers as part of their game and jumping on the trampoline in the back yard.

Parked at Launceston, January 2013
From our elevated position, we enjoy views over the eastern suburbs of Launceston.

Rainbow over Launceston, Tasmania, January 2013
Launceston is at the end of the rainbow this week!

While we didn’t have transport, we still managed to get into town. Teena lent us her car so we could visit the museum together and generously arranged another vehicle for us so our adventures weren’t limited.

Our girls standing in front of a Ford G6, January 2013
For a couple days, we drive around in a different kind of style in this Ford G6.

For a while, I stressed about where we would stay while the bus was at the workshop. Our usual options were limited by timing and circumstance, and yet another friend of a friend — without having met us — offered her house for a couple of days. This was such a good place for us to hang out!

Delaney asleep on the drivers seat, January 2013
Today, after we get our bus back, Delaney is pleased to once again be "at home" and falls asleep contentedly in the drivers seat.

Yes, we missed the Cygnet Folk Festival, but our extra time in Launceston was enriched by the time spent with new friends and accepting the blessings that were given to us when we needed them. Thank you to all who helped us at this time!