It’s nice to be in a house. While our bus is in the workshop, we’ve been offered a room in a partially vacant student share-house (university hasn’t started yet).

Suz's house, 1 Mallard Place, Allanvale, Launceston, Tasmania, January 2013
This lovely house is a restful place for us to stay while our bus is in the mechanic's workshop.

It may not seem like it now, but I’m a natural home-bod. When living in a house, I was happy to stay at home most of the time, and I considered outings to be an inconvenience to my placid life. I think the girls could easily turn into home-bods too, and that’s why our current mode of living and learning works well — we’re out experiencing life instead of just reading about it or watching it go by on a screen.

However, for a change, we all enjoy a day at home. As we’re in a different environment, we explore the back yard, make use of the facilities and take advantage of our time with the things that we can’t replicate in our housebus.

Sharing a bath, January 2013
A shared bath is twice or triple the fun. We have tubs that the girls bathe in, but they're not big enough to share.

Our girls watching TV, January 2013
Watching TV is a treat. Sure, the girls have access to their devices 24/7, but receiving an ever-changing series of programs is also great.

Calista eating raisin toast, January 2013
Toast! Crunchy, hot toast needs electricity, and we can't make it like this in the bus. Calista *loves* raisin toast and usually eats it soft.

Writing desk and stickers, January 2013
I appreciate having a large table to work from. When living in the bus, I miss a writing desk, and so while I can, I catch up on my correspondence.

Washing up in a house, January 2013
Hot water on tap makes the washing-up a cinch. I love to wash up in household sinks because it's less complicated than in the bus where I pump water and heat it first.

It’s not our home, however, and we’re missing our constant access to food, clothes, toys and familiar spaces. The girls are sometimes creative in finding ways to replicate their usual way of life.

Brioni sleeping under a desk, January 2013
Brioni makes a bed for herself under the desk — the closest thing she can find to replicating her cozy cupboard-bed in the bus!