Beach toys can keep our girls happy for hours. I love the flat-pack plastic beach toys manufactured by Fozzils, and so I’m offering one pack as a give-away for a random reader.

Fozzils Discovery Pack, flat-pack beach toys, October 2012
Six fun toys pack away into their plastic folder.

It wasn’t until we lost some of our pack while travelling in Queensland that I realised how attached I was to this particular set of toys. Each item is well-thought-out, easy to snap together and a cinch to pull apart when it’s time to move on.

Calista and Delaney playing with Fozzils beach toys, October 2012
Our girls love to play with these toys and use them every time they can!

The pack contains a pyramid-shaped colander, a sturdy shovel, a funnel, a large container, a cylinder and a smaller container. The girls have used them to build castles, dig tunnels, move items from one location to another and ship their toys to a distant land.

I love the way these beach toys are so easy to store when they’re not in use. I’m not trying to fit a set of ill-fitting shovels and buckets into our tiny space. All I need to do is slot away the flat folder!

Fozzils Discovery Pack, flat-pack beach toys, January 2013
The large container can be a temporary aquarium for found creatures.

It appears that Fozzils doesn’t offer this flat-pack beach-toy set for sale any longer, but I was able to buy some from an online store in the U.K. I bought an extra as a present from our family to a reader who thinks this could be as good a thing for their family (or a friend) as it is for us.

Here’s how you enter to win: Leave a comment with your email address in the appropriate field. That’s all. No gimmicks, no likes, no tweets, no promotion. (I hate those conditions on many other blog giveaways, so I’m being the change I wish to see in the world!)

Update 1 February provided me with the winning comment: 71. Congratulations to Domenica Lowe!

And good news for everyone else: I’ve been reliably informed that Fozzils will be relaunching their flat-pack beach toys in 2014.