The day after Tasmania’s hot day, we started to see evidence of the fires that were burning about 50 km from us at Rivers Edge. A change in the wind direction brought the smoke into our vicinity, and we kept an eye on the weather and Tasmanian Fire Service reports to stay informed of the situation.

Smoke coming over the hils at Rivers-edge Wilderness Camping, January 2013
While we were camping, we can't help but notice the smoke coming over the hills.

As I drove our family back towards Huonville for fresh food today, we noticed the smoke blanketing the landscape. Somehow, the smoke made me more nervous than the hot, windy weather earlier this week, but it seems that the main fire danger is over.

Sunset in south Tasmania, January 2013
Tonight as the sun sets, the smoke in the sky tinges the scene with a bold orange.

We’re camping tonight on the Huon River estuary. As usual, I found a camping spot that features a playground, and the girls are happily playing on the equipment. When I tried asking them which they preferred — man-made playgrounds or natural ones like we had just experienced at our bush camp — they couldn’t decide. Both have their merits, and I can offer a balance of both in their lives!

Fires in the hills of Tasmania, January 2013
When the sky is completely dark, I can see the colours of the fires still burning over the hills. We're safe, but others may not be.