With all the kipis we have in the hands of small children, keeping them safe and protected is a priority. We’ve tried several different ipad covers and have settled on two models as the best for our family’s needs.

Our Year of the Kipi (iPad), Sparkling Adventures

Gumdrop Drop Tech

Gumdrop Drop Tech Series ipad case, perfect for children
Our pick: This case retails online for about US$35.

This is my overall pick for a child’s kipi case. The protective shell and screen protector are designed really well to make this a winner. The Gumdrop case has particularly good access to all ipad buttons, and flaps cover the power port and earphone socket to keep the whole device water-resistant. The screen protector means that a whole breakfast can spill on top of the case without any liquid touching the device. That’s great!

The design is quite similar to that of the Otterbox Defender, but our Otterbox fell apart in several months of heavy usage, whereas the Gumdrop Drop Tech is still taking the knocks as it travels with us.

Brioni with her kipi, December 2012
Brioni curls up with her kipi early in the morning, playing a game or watching a movie before she emerges from her cupboard-bedroom to join her sisters.

M-Edge SuperShell

M-Edge SuperShell iPad case, great for kids
Second choice: This case also sells online for US$35.

The girls are quite particular about the colours of their things, and where the Gumdrop cases’ colours are muted, the SuperShell cases are bright. This case is also fantastic for younger kids’ handling as it has easy-grip sides.

The SuperShell lacks a screen-protector, however, and the moulding of the case makes it harder to plug in the power cord and almost impossible to use ear-phones. But for younger children who rely on a parent to do these things — and for those kids who are particular about their colours — the SuperShell is a good choice. It takes hard knocks really well, even protecting the device against toddler-tantrum-throws!

Delaney drawing on her kipi, December 2012
Delaney draws a picture of a sunny David on her kipi.

If the colour choices provided by Gumdrop satisfies, I’d highly recommend their cases. Our experiences with Otterbox, Big Grips and Belkin cases have lead me to believe they are inferior in every way to both the Gumdrop and SuperShell models.

Although I’ve run out of dates in 2012, I haven’t covered all the topics that record our first year of kipis, so I’ll continue to do this in 2013. Look forward to reading which apps our girls are using and other things that keep them busy on their devices.