Finding a spot to pull over for the night is quite easy. Being self-contained, we can sleep anywhere the bus can park, but our favourite spots are next to playgrounds. The girls can play freely while I do chores, and then in the morning they can continue with the games that only ended because the rain started falling.

Parking near the playground at Kempton, Tasmania, December 2012
We park alongside the playground, away from the road but within easy access of all the play equipment.

When we left Oatlands, we didn’t get very far. A detour to the little town of Kempton led us to a pretty playground with some special equipment that we don’t see very often — a see-saw and a spinning tea-cup!

Brioni and Delaney on a see-saw, December 2012
Our girls love the opportunity to play on an old-fashioned see-saw. It takes a while to become accustomed to the necessity for gentle dismounting.

Brioni and Aisha in a spinning tea-cup, December 2012
The spinning tea-cup is also a favourite. It acts as the home-base for a wide range of imaginative game.

As well as the playground, our girls were delighted and distracted by several animals who came to say hello. First there was the dog which Brioni wanted to call Misty.

Brioni and Delaney with a stray dog, December 2012
When a skinny dog wanders over to us, the girls are eager to adopt us. Unfortunately for the dog, it's chosen a non-meat-eating family, and so we offer it cheese and bread for snacks.

I rang the council’s number for animal control, and the person who came to pick up the dog recognised it immediately. It lives across the road from the playground and has recently birthed a litter of pups — hence her haggard appearance. (I can sympathise.)

Calista and Brioni feeding a horse, December 2012
The friendly horse in the paddock next door also comes over for a bite to eat.

It started raining soon before dark, which forced an end to the girls’ games. It’s wonderful to have a dry spot to retreat to, wherever we are!

Delaney bathing in the tub, December 2012
All the games — and the mulch at the playground — has gotten us grubby. There's a tap nearby, so I can heat up enough kettles of water to make several baths for us all. Usually we have our tub-baths outside, but in this chilly, rainy weather, I discover that the tub fits nicely in the stairwell of the bus!

Although it isn’t a spectacular playground, the girls played happily for hours and hours here. There’s a proper free-camping spot a couple hundred metres down the road — with toilets and showers available for campers — but our park next to the playground suited us better. We’ll stop here again when we next pass Kempton.