Today has been a record-breaking day for Tasmania. Our local temperature west of Lonnavale reached 42°C (107.6°F). Here’s how we keep cool without air-conditioning on hot, hot days like today.

Temperature sign, Rivers-edge Wilderness Camping, January 2013
The temperatures went up by two degrees before the end of the day. It's a hot one!

Delaney with an ice-block tongue, December 2012
The girls love to cool down with home-made ice-blocks. We fill these reusable containers with juice and freeze them for hot days like today.

12v fan, January 2013
If we're in the bus, we can use our 12v fan to help keep the breeze moving.

Awning on The Gifted Gypsy, January 2013
I set up our awning to provide more shade around our parking spot.

Paddling in shallow water, January 2013
We find cool water to paddle and swim in.

Calista drinking water, January 2013
We drink lots of water.

Brioni jumping over the sprinkler, January 2013
We carry a little sprinkler on board with us. Where there are no water restrictions, I can attach it to the end of our hose and let the girls play in the water.

Delaney in a tub of water, January 2013
Delaney's always thrilled with water play, and it's easy enough to fill up one of our tubs with water for her to sit in.

Brioni with a water balloon, January 2013
Water balloons are fun. Brioni doesn't fill them to throw on people, she just likes to experiment with the air pressure and water combining to shoot the water out.

Aisha washing a car, January 2013
Hose play can easily turn into a car-wash, and Aisha is happy to scrub our friends' car clean!

The temperature is forecast to drop tomorrow, and with all these options available to us, we’ve managed the heat well. Friends are monitoring the bush-fire notices online — which entails walking out of camp to get some mobile reception first — and it appears that our pocket of wilderness is fire-free. So we’ll stay here for another day or two and keep cool.