Aïcha with her babydoll, 5 December 06
Thanks to Chen Ye (Cheryl) for Aïcha's lovely Eeeni meeni miini moh outfit. It says 'J'adore d'être une fille' — I love being a girl.

As Aïcha’s level of communication has become better, we have reached the end of keeping secrets.

Yesterday, I changed Aïcha’s earrings to some new ones purchased online. I wasn’t going to mention it to David — I thought I’d wait until he noticed. However, last night when David was asking Aïcha what she had done that day, she added “Eaaahhh” to her litany, and showed David her new earrings!

Similarly, David slipped Aïcha a lolly (strictly reserved for productions in the potty), and she delightedly announced “lollah” to me!