It only took us a couple of hours to travel from my aunt’s house in Newcastle to my dad’s in Sydney. We’re not spending much time visiting as we have to reach Melbourne next weekend, but we’re using our trip as an excuse to catch up with friends and family who live along the way.

Victor and Wayne, December 2012
It's been great to visit Victor and Wayne at their Sydney apartment again. The girls are familiar with the location and recognised the neighbourhood as we approached in our bus.

Victor, Delaney and Wayne, December 2012
Ever since Dell fell asleep in Wayne's arms on the first day she met him, she and Wayne have shared a special connection.

As soon as they were in the apartment, the girls resumed their old, familiar games with the cat’s toys. Dad remarked that the cat doesn’t play with the toys — only the girls do — and we watched in delight as the stuffed mice were personified into little families.

Delaney eating at Pa's house, December 2012
The girls also like visiting Pa's house because of all the treats that are on offer. Today they indulge in "honey bricks" breakfast cereal.

Today is a special day to be with my Dad. Although we’re not big on birthdays, it was still nice to be in his presence on his 68th birthday to wish him a happy day. I also got to thank him personally, to tell him that it has been his own courage in coming out — in starting to live authentically — that has inspired me to live in such a way that our children never say, “Who is the real Lauren?”.

Victor Bissett and Lauren Bissett Fisher, December 2012
Dad and I share fun conversation while our kids play on the playground next to his apartment. It was nice of the Sydney City Council to renovate the play equipment for us!

It’s still hard for me to travel along familiar roads and visit places where I was last accompanied by both David and Elijah. We won’t linger in Sydney — the memories of our wonderful time here as a family earlier this year are still too raw — but we’ll continue down the NSW coast before ducking across Victoria and then south again.