We haven’t decorated for Christmas before. We just don’t do Christmas. But visiting Aunty Gwenda was the excuse we needed to get into the Christmas spirit — by setting up her tree for her!

Gwenda Darling Kedar, November 2012
Gwenda is a lovely hostess to our family, and the girls consider her a favourite!

Our girls have great memories of my dad’s sister Gwenda who helped smooth our transition from a two-parent to a single-parent family earlier this year. She is legendary in the girls’ minds, and we’ve been looking forward to seeing her again!

Brioni and Gwenda assembling the Christmas tree, November 2012
Reading the instructions is a cliché — one we don't indulge in until we realise that we're not putting the tree together properly.

Brioni and Lauren decorating a Christmas tree, November 2012
I painstakingly unpack each set of branches for a more "natural" look while Brioni focuses on the decorations.

Calista and Dell play with a box, November 2012
Calista and Dell love playing in the tree's large box.

Delaney decorating a tree, November 2012
When the tree is set up, we start loading it with decorations.

Brioni and Aisha decorating the tree, November 2012
Aisha and Brioni work methodically to give the tree an even spread of bling.

Gwenda Darling Kedar with Calista and Delaney, November 2012
Aunty Gwenda keeps plying us with treats all day — living up to her reputation as "The Yummy Lady"!

Brioni pulling a cracker, November 2012
While bringing out the tree decorations, Gwenda finds some Christmas crackers and introduces them to Brioni.

Finished Christmas tree, November 2012
It's a beautiful, pink tree — perfect for Aunty Gwenda, and something that will remind her of our family after we drive away!

In our race south, we don’t have much time to spend with friends and family, so all our visits are short, but it’s wonderful to see familiar faces and be reunited with people we love. Thanks for sharing your Christmas spirit with us, Aunty Gwenda! You’ve given us a memorable visit to always remember, and we look forward to seeing you again next year.