We’ve had a good time visiting my sister’s family in Tamworth. The girls have loved having constant access to a pool, and we’ve even managed to keep some of their cousins out of school to play with us!

Delaney wearing blue zinc, November 2012
Before she gets into the pool, Delaney covers herself with zinc oxide sunscreen (or maybe this is her Avatar body).

Calista in the pool, November 2012
Cali is using this time to experiment with no floating aids and is starting to kick off the step for short times before returning back to safety.

Elora and Delaney in the pool, November 2012
Elora pulls Delaney for a ride.

Aisha in the pool, November 2012
Aisha enjoys wearing a face mask for the first time. She finds it easier to use than eye-goggles.

Brioni playing in the pool, November 2012
Brioni loves to try crazy tricks while jumping into the water.

Lauren jumping into the pool with Bowen, November 2012
I allow myself to be coaxed into the pool by the kids.

Fisher and Croaker cousins jumping into the pool, November 2012
The cousins line up to make a splash together.

Thank you so much, Croakers, for opening your home to us again. I love the way our children play together so well, and we look forward to seeing you again on our return trip!