A cat at the Fishers — who would have thought?!
We suspect the cat belongs to next door's occupants (and thus, I am *not* going to start feeding it).

Manou has known there has been a cat living in our garage for several weeks, but we only found out today. Apparently it slips under the door to go in and out.

Now that the cat has met our household, it has decided that it likes living in our house, and has been wandering around, demanding to be fed or pet, jumping on beds, and generally acting like it owns the place.

Ten years ago, five years ago, even a year ago, David would have swiftly dispatched the cat (not only in deference to my allergies, but more in line with the philosophy that a good cat is a flat cat).

Not now. With two small girls delighting in the cat, patting it gently and laughing at its antics, I’m the one who got in trouble for making it scat when it started meowing at the front door!

Aïcha has named the cat ‘Oli’, and David gives a little canary whistle to call it. Manou lets it sleep on her bed, and Brioni loves to mimic its meow.

It’s obvious that I’m outnumbered, so I’ll just keep my antihistamines close by and see what happens.