We were thrilled to come back to Brisbane for Georgia and Errol’s housewarming. Explaining a housewarming to the girls is easy. I simply say, “These people are having a party so everyone can come over and see their new house.” For little people, it means that the house is available to be fully explored and enjoyed, and Georgia and Errol’s house is a treasure of delights with nooks, crannies, cubbies, garden surprises and dark caves. It’s certainly a fun place to have a family!

Georgia and Errol Brizuela with Theo and Priya, October 2012
Georgia and Errol pause on the doorstep with Theo and Priya. The housewarming gives me an opportunity to finally meet Errol. I've previously joked with Georgia that she was Photoshopping him into her photos.

When parked outside the Brizuelas, today was also the first time I had the opportunity to show The Gifted Gypsy to mutual friends. It was fun to talk through the set-up and explain what I’m still hoping to achieve. There’s a bit more work to be completed before it’s ready to be show-cased, and I hope to get this done soon.

Thongs on the door-step, October 2012
Little shoes on the door-step invite us to come in.

Lead-lighting accessories in a home, October 2012
Two lampshades decorated with lead-lighting sit above a vintage cupboard.

Georgia Brizuela's home, October 2012
A mantelpiece is decorated with photos and treasures.

Streamers on the clothesline for a party, October 2012
In the back yard, streamers hang from the rotary clothes line, providing a festive atmosphere for the party-goers.

Jumping castle, Brisbane suburbs, October 2012
A small jumping castle provides a fantastic focal point for the children's energy. Many of Errol and Georgia's friends have children, and so at an afternoon party like this one, there's are heaps of little people running around.

Lauren at Georgia's housewarming, October 2012
I try to sneak away from the camera's field of view, but Georgia captures me with a lightning-quick push of the button.

The girls felt quickly comfortable in the house and were soon intently playing with little toys, dress-ups and other children. This gave me an opportunity to start engaging with other grown-ups.

It feels like a long time since I’ve had the luxury of a prolonged discussion with a new friend. And sure, not all my conversations today were uninterrupted, but I may have been able to give another person my attention long enough to start something significant…

It was also good to hang out with Errol and Georgia. We share similar parenting and spiritual values, and as these are the core basis of how and why we do everything, we connect on many different levels. I’m just trying to convince them to come camping with us sometime!

Delaney and Priya dancing, October 2012
When the sparkly lights come on, and the music begins to play, Delaney and Priya start to dance.

Delaney has really turned the corner from being a baby to being a little girl. Four-year-old Priya played equally well with both Delaney and with Calista, and I loved watching their amazingly inventive games.

Calista and Priya, October 2012
Calista enjoys dressing up and playing a game with Priya. She is the mummy and Priya is her little girl. It's funny to be in another room and hear, "Mummy! Mummy!" and realise that the call is for Calista!

Thanks so much for letting us hang out with you, your vibrant friends and your wonderful family, Georgia and Errol! It’s been a fun time, and we look forward to more parties in the future!

Some photos were taken by the talented Georgia Brizuela.