One of the advantages of keeping children at home is that they have unrestricted opportunities to continue advancing in levels of creative play. I love seeing how our girls use found objects to make toys and accessories.

Brioni creating something for play, October 2012
Brioni designs this costume — including the scarf around her neck — to act out someone in "the olden times".

Aisha with a handmade sword, October 2012
Aisha fashions a sword from a stick. The girls are enjoying many swashbuckling adventures with their friends.

Homemade dagger and sword, October 2012
Later, the sword is shortened into a more dainty dagger, and Brioni has made her own sword and scabbard.

Just recently, Delaney and Calista have started a very special friendship as they share the same imaginary adventures with toys. Aisha and Brioni have been good friends for many years, and we have been looking forward to the time when Cali and Dell would also bond.

Calista enjoying breakfast with Delaney, October 2012
Calista and Delaney continue the game of little horses they've been playing for days.

I spend time affirming our daughters’ special friendships with their sisters. When talking over the day, I say things to like, “Dell, you had a good time playing with Calista, didn’t you. She is such a good friend for you and lots of fun.” I would love our girls to continue these friendships into adulthood, in a spirit where they can appreciate their sisters’ individualities and yet still manifest a blanket of love that covers over all the differences.