Who knew that it was this easy to make audio speakers? When our friend Alan visited, one of the projects he took on was setting up a superior sound system in The Gifted Gypsy, and that meant installing front speakers for a full surround-sound effect!

Design of speakers, October 2012
Alan used a free CAD program to first design the speakers and then break them down into components which he could make with the tools we have here.

I’m not sure which Alan enjoyed more — using SketchUp or fashioning the speakers. We shopped together for the speaker components at Jaycar, and Alan explained the terminology to me as he assessed the speakers for sale.

Alan Wardrop making little speakers, October 2012
Although he got most of the work done while at the shed, Alan brought a small set of equipment to Dancing Ground so he could finish the speakers for us.

When I got back home, all I needed to do was to solder the electrical points and finish the timber housings. I used the same stain and lacquer that is on all the interior cabinets.

Small handmade speakers, October 2012
Thanks to Alan, all the components are ready to be put together.

Small handmade speakers, October 2012
Once they're stained and lacquered, I fix them to the side of the dashboard where they enhance our listening pleasure!

The finished product is stunning — even more so because it was built especially for us by a lovely friend! I love hand-made items — they exude the love and care that was put into their creation. These speakers now sit in front of me while I drive, reminding me of good times with great friends. Thanks, Alan!